Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wild Weeks!

Here we are at Wednesday again!  I have meant to update with a first day of school post, etc., but hasn't happened.  So here we go, a few of our latest things.

- We did start school.  We were fortunate that I was hired in Morrison to teach!  We had been considering sending our kids to school here anyway, so this fell into place nicely.  We also decided that because of her late birthday, we would send Laney back through Pre-K here.  So far, it is going well, and Laney is really enjoying her days....

- We also started dance again.  Laney is in her third year of ballet and added tap this year.  Haley started her first year of ballet.  Unfortunately, they are not able to go on the same night, so we go two nights a week!

-We had an awesome party for Haley's third birthday.  Her OSU tailgate party is always a great time and a highlight of our year!  Her birthday also starts college football season, which is the BEST time of year!

-We are looking forward to fun things coming up!  Disney on Ice, Thomas the Train and Morrison Homecoming are all in the next couple of weeks, and we can't wait!

- I am trying to get back in the groove of working, running a home and raising three kids.  How many days until summer?!?  :)

-I am lately obsessed with cottages.  We own 6 acres on the edge of town in Morrison, and we are finding that it would be much easier to live closer to the school.  Also, we love to move.  Maybe this will inspire our next home.  I can't decide if we can all fit into a cottage? 

Have a great week!  Make your days count!

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