Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wild Weeks!

Here we are at Wednesday again!  I have meant to update with a first day of school post, etc., but hasn't happened.  So here we go, a few of our latest things.

- We did start school.  We were fortunate that I was hired in Morrison to teach!  We had been considering sending our kids to school here anyway, so this fell into place nicely.  We also decided that because of her late birthday, we would send Laney back through Pre-K here.  So far, it is going well, and Laney is really enjoying her days....

- We also started dance again.  Laney is in her third year of ballet and added tap this year.  Haley started her first year of ballet.  Unfortunately, they are not able to go on the same night, so we go two nights a week!

-We had an awesome party for Haley's third birthday.  Her OSU tailgate party is always a great time and a highlight of our year!  Her birthday also starts college football season, which is the BEST time of year!

-We are looking forward to fun things coming up!  Disney on Ice, Thomas the Train and Morrison Homecoming are all in the next couple of weeks, and we can't wait!

- I am trying to get back in the groove of working, running a home and raising three kids.  How many days until summer?!?  :)

-I am lately obsessed with cottages.  We own 6 acres on the edge of town in Morrison, and we are finding that it would be much easier to live closer to the school.  Also, we love to move.  Maybe this will inspire our next home.  I can't decide if we can all fit into a cottage? 

Have a great week!  Make your days count!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Interview with a Three Year Old

Interview with a Three-Year Old

Miss Haley Jean Henry turns 3 years old this weekend!  To say it has gone by quickly is a complete understatement.  She's the delight of our family and has more nerve and gumption in her little finger than I have ever had.  Her attitude is hilarious, and I pray she never loses her will and determination.

I took a little time to ask her some questions......

1.  Your favorite color?  Pink
2.  Your favorite movie?  Rio
3.  Your favorite food?  sketti
4.  Your favorite animal?  Pete
5.  Your favorite time with daddy?  Going to the rodeo
6.  Your best friend?  Bubba
7.  Your favorite place? The beach (funny, bc she didn't seem to enjoy it much at the time)
8.  Favorite song?  The B-I-B-L-E
9.  Favorite thing with mommy?  Driving :)
10.  What do you want to be when you get big?  And I quote, "I don't want to do nothing."
11.  Do you just want to live with mommy forever?  "I just want to live here and not leave." :)

Happy Birthday Haley!  I couldn't ask for a better middle child.  I love you sweet girl.

Monday, June 11, 2012

She's Five!!

My oldest baby turns FIVE today. Ever since she surprised us one month early five years ago, she has continued to bring surprise & joy to our lives. I interviewed her last night- here's her answers: 1. favorite color is pink 2. favorite food is chicken noodle soup 3. favorite movie is Chipwrecked 4. favorite songs are Bible songs 5. favorite place is DisneyWorld 6. favorite subject is writing. 7. best friend is cousin Lilli. 8. wants to be a doctor for animals when she grows up 9. favorite thing to do with daddy is feed cows. 10. the president is George Washington. :). I love this age, and it makes me happy to see Laney getting older and more indedpendent. But, Laney Dawn, here are ten things I never want to forget about you right now: 1. You love your pink tag blankie and you won't sleep without it. 2. You won't let us eat without praying 3. You are the BEST big sister- Lawson often looks to you for comfort. 4. You love to sing and perform, and you have a wonderful voice. 5. You always want to color and draw. 6. You don't let a night go by without coming to check that daddy & I are okay. 7. You are terrified of spiders and most bugs, but love grasshoppers. 8. You love to dance, on stage most of all. 9. You do not like having your hair brushed. 10. You have such a sweet spirit, and you don't like it when anyone is hurt or sad. Happy happy birthday, Laney. You are my precious gift.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Finale- Summer Week Two

5. Memories- tough tough week...especially Tuesday- I miss my friend like crazy. 4. Laney & Haley each had their grammy time this week. Makes it so fun to be home with the other two and watch the different dynamics that exist when one is gone. Also makes me realize how different it will be when they are all at least 4 years old. 3. Lazy mornings, cuddles, cartoons & strawberry milk- enough said. 2. We decided that John will now be a full-time rancher. He has turned his hobby into a full-blown crazy successful business, and it is time that it is his only career. Watching the one you love most do the thing they love most is priceless. 1. Laney's Party Prep- WOW! We are having a blast getting ready for Laney's 5th birthday party tomorrow! We've had great response and expect a ton of fun friends...more next week. Hard to believe this little peanut turns 5 on Monday- my greatest blessing that made me a mommy, she's the best of me...

Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Finale- Summer Week 1

Week One of Summer Top Five 5. No schedules! The best part so far is not rushing around to get anywhere in the mornings. Not that anybody sleeps in, but being lazy in the morning is sooooo nice. 4. Our new favorite babysitter. We have the sweetest girl across the road who has stayed with the kids a few times. Jaybree is awesome-and close by! 3. No more mange. Haleys hair is a nightmare-yesterday we got serious and cut her hair short short. No more tangles for her, and she has the perfect personality to rock a short cut! (it wasn't to the point of mange, but it was bad!) 2. The start of S & S days. To us, this is Swimming and Sno-Cone days. We've had two so far and expect many more to come! 1. Family Getaway. Last weekend, we took off and stayed in a hotel with a swimming pool (exciting stuff), went to the zoo and ate at kid places. Because of John's second full-time job (hobby?), we don't always have a lot of weekend time together, so this was really special. A perfect start to the summer! Coming up this week is Laney's dance recital, Laney & Haley's individual trips for Grammy time and Laney's birthday party (first one with her friends.) I already feel like it is going too fast, but what a great time we are having! I am doing this on an I- pad, and as soon as I figure out how to coordinate Instagram, Facebook and the blog, we will be rolling, but for now, text is all I can manage. On a personal note, this weekend marks a year that Metisha went to her eternal home. Please keep her family (and me) in your thoughts as we all still struggle to go on without her light in our lives. Have a super weekend! Have an S & S day-they're the best!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

First Day.....Last Day


                                      A little look back at the first day of school this year....

And a picture from this morning ... the last day of school this year....

Oh how I love my little cowgirl princesses....and yes, potty training is on the list of to-do items this summer for Miss Haley- :)

What a fabulous year!  I now am officially the mom of a kindergartner (crying).

 I am SO proud of Laney & Haley.

Now on to a fun summer!!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Where do the months go??

Holy moly- I just turned around and it was Easter!  Time. please. slow.down.

Just really quickly- having a wonderfully busy spring with my three amigos.  So thankful for them and how much they bless my life.

Laney & Haley are both at school at the CDL and love it- it is so great to have them together at school.  Here are the sweet sisters on the playground- their classes usually play together at recess.

Lawson spends his days with Lacy & Penelope- it is great for both of them to have a playmate and both are learning and growing so much!

Laney just started soccer.. so far she likes dance MUCH better- but we will see- it is fun for her to try new things!

We had an amazing Easter, and I think the Easter bunny visited 4 times...

With the nice weather, we've been able to spend a lot of time together outside, resulting in my FAVORITE all -time picture of the kids with their special special daddy- totally unposed!

As for me, my days are spent at the Stillwater Junior High for 28 1/2 more days- (not that I'm counting).  I cannot wait to be home for summer fun with my babies. 

 I hope to keep up with this thing better!  My cousin Staci is so good at it, and I love reading hers every week.  I'm going to try!

In honor of Staci and her fun blogs, here are my High 5 for Friday..

1.  On Wednesday I went with Laney and her class to the Jenks Aquarium- so fun and I even was brave enough to go through the shark tank tunnel- big deal people.
2.  Last night I got to have a girls' night out with some good friends- much needed.  So blessed that my kids' good friends' parents are also my good friends.  Also so blessed that my husband understands this and actually encourages this time away!
3.  Lawson learned how to gobble like a turkey and now gobbles all.the.time.
4.  On that note, Laney can call turkeys.  She learned from her daddy and it is the funniest thing.
5.  John & I actually get to see Hunger Games tonight.  We both read the books and have been waiting to have the chance to see it.

Have a fabulous weekend!!